Sunday, 31 January 2010

Elle's Kitchen - Elle frozen over

So, after one too many posts on Facebook as to how I was rounding out my culinary day, various friends/ fellow feasters have given me an ultimatum - food blog or hunger strike on their part. Needless to say, without them as willing guinea pigs, I'm not going to get too far, so blog it is.

Tonight's offering is a reflection of the slight chill in the air in London and me getting some rather yummy saffron from Borough Markets last week.

For your slightly-more-sophisticated-than-hot-milk delectation, I present warm, saffron milk. Mellow yellow indeed!

2 cups of milk (semi-skim, full fat - up to you)
a pinch of saffron - around 16 strands
half stick of cinnamon
heaped tablespoon of almond meal
1 teaspoon good quality honey

Place all ingredients into a saucepan. Warm gently until almost at boiling point. Take out cinnamon stick. Pour into two mugs and enjoy!


  1. Fantastic! Hopefully just the beginning :D

  2. So glad to see this new creation! I'll be following you closely! -Your wannabe flatmate